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Career Coaching for Actors

The Business of Show Biz helps actors and creative artists understand the acting business and get off on the right foot. If you are fresh out of school I will help you avoid all the time consuming and costly trial and error most actors go through. If you have been working for a while but feeling stuck I offer strategies to help you make the leap to the next level.


You will have:


•Clarity about the Biz


•Answers to your specific questions


•Confidence that you know what the steps are to set up your acting business


•Tools to help you take consistent small actions to achieve your short term goals while staying focused on the big picture “ keeping your eyes on the prize”.


•A path to freedom from procrastination, perfectionism, and the inner critic 


•A plan that makes you smile and get busy

Business of Show Biz Workshop

If you are a heart centered actor who suspects you could use more information about the Biz side of things this 4 week intensive is just the thing.

You will:


Clarify your goals


Learn the steps to creating an effective headshot


Put together a great resume even if you have few credits


Understand your type


Learn to authentically market yourself 

Create a community in the process!

and more...


It’ll be fun. I look forward to working with you.

Private Consultation

If you like laser focused individual attention choose Private Consultations which are offered in person or over the telephone. These sessions can be tailored to specific needs and events such as: 


•Career advice

How to get started, how to get an agent, picture/resume advice, marketing tips and techniques


•Life coaching

Organizing your life around your goals, dealing with the inner critic, avoiding pitfalls and recognizing opportunities


•Audition prep

TBA General Auditions, graduate school auditions, helping you craft the 60 second to three minute performance



$ 75 an hour

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