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Velina's Music

Concerts and recordings

“(Velina Brown) lends the material a power and authority which makes them the calls to arms they were meant to be. When she sings “The International” it is the anthem for the working class it was supposed to be…”

Richard Marcus, Blogcritics

 "For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance from the Spanish Civil War," which Velina recorded with the Brooklyn-based band Barbez, is now available on iTunes, and on the Barbez website!

"The only bad thing I can say about this record is that, at 33 minutes, it’s too short. Then again, it would probably feel too short at twice the length; the music is so rich and exquisite that you simply don’t want it to end. Brown—who is also an accomplished actress, songwriter, and director—is an extraordinary singer; and the members of Barbez—who incorporate folk, classical, and flamenco elements—are just as impressive."

Jeff Burger, TMR

At Joe's Pub, NYC

Photo Credit: Jane Stein

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