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Velina Brown

San Francisco Mime Troupe

Back To The Way Things Were

Tales of the Resistance (10 Episodes - Radio/Scripted Podcast)

Tales of the Resistance II: Persistence (8 Episodes - Radio/Scripted Podcast)


Lillith Theatre Company

Awaiting the Podiatrist               San Francisco  Fringe Festival

Hick                                           Theatre Project, Baltimore

Crackpot Crones                       Mexico Tour

Crones for the Holidays            Exit Theatre, SF


California State University East Bay



African American Shakespeare Company

The Colored Museum  

(co-directed with L. Peter Callander, Michael Gene Sullivan, Idris Cooper-Anifowoshe)



Word for Word (school tour)

John Henry

Solo Shows

Did Anyone Ever Tell You - You Look Like Huey P. Newton?         Eureka Theatre 

                                                                                                        NYC, Vancouver Fringe Festivals     

The Passing                      Anita Johnson                                       BRAVA! For Women in the Arts 

                                                                                                        Taking Shape Series 

                                                                                                        * best of series

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