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  First, I’d like right away to answer the most frequently asked question: 


 Why do I need The Business of Show Biz?

Well, only a very small portion of an actor’s time is spent acting. The successful actor spends the majority of his or her time pursuing work. The business of acting is this pursuit.

Unfortunately, goal setting, career planning, and the marketing of one’s talents are not part of the curriculum in most acting schools. Typically, these skills are gathered piecemeal over a number of years-if at all.

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While there exists a dizzying array of acting classes, it is difficult to find a class or workshop that covers the work getting, self marketing tips and techniques that are the tools for building a career.

Without these tools it is possible to continue acting every now and then as a hobby or perform constantly for no money indefinitely. However, if building a career is your goal The Business of Show Biz training is for you. 

Just out of school? Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the ground running knowing exactly what you need to do to get your acting business going?

Feeling Stuck? Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a plan for moving to the next level in your career? 

Making a comeback? Perhaps you’ve taken a break from the biz to raise your family and are dying to get back into the game but not sure how to begin. Wouldn’t it be great to have some help with the tricky re entry process? 

Do you ask yourself:

How do I get an agent?

Do I need a manager?

What’s the difference between an agent, a manager and a casting director?

How do I build my career without an agent or manager?

What’s my type?

How do I create and project my brand?

What’s the difference between a theatrical head shot and a commercial head shot?

How do I choose a photographer?

When is the best time to go union?

How do I market myself?

How do I avoid industry scams?

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