Thursday, April 25, 2019 Today’s person is: Ricardo Padilla!

A few years ago I was going to Barcelona to work on the Catalan production of my “1984” adaptation, but my fight was like 6am. So up and out by 3:30 or so. Velina was in a show, and I didn’t want to mess up her sleep, so I went on Facebook and just flat-out asked if anyone could help out. This was clearly a crazy request, but that’s when I found out that not only do I live a few blocks from this amazing guy who runs the Latino Comics Expo, but he is also crazy enough to pick me - someone he’d never met - up in the middle of the night and drive me to the airport! Velina was like “Are you sure he’s not like CRAZY crazy?” Nope... Ricardo Padilla is crazy Crazy CRAZY, and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. And he is just as passionate about spreading the word about Latinx artists and their work as any of the superheroes they draw are about Truth, Justice, and the Latinx American Way! I asked for something ridiculous and Ricardo, a person with a firm grasp of both the ridiculous and the absurdly kind jumped up. Super talented, and super nice. A superhero.

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