May 19, 2019 Today’s person: Beth Wilmurt!

Since far too often we only publicly say nice things about people when they are dead I’ve decided to randomly pick a Facebook friend every day and say something nice about them.

May 19, 2019

Today’s person: Beth Wilmurt!

Beth Wilmurt is a great example of you have no idea. You’re walking down the street, you’re sitting on the bus or in a restaurant, and there is an unassuming person near you. They seem normal. Quiet. Unassuming. You have no idea...

No idea that they are a freaking bundle of brilliant creativity, dazzling talent. No idea that they are fiercely forging a whole new world in their mind right then, reaching into their, your, and everyone’s need as they pull questions and expose truths. No idea that they are willing to tear the shielding from their soul t let its glow illuminate an audience. No idea that they can access an artistic unconscious that dances on the knife’s edge of the utter ugliness of emotional suicide and the infinite beauty of everlasting joy, with the potential explosion of each moment into something existentially and unendingly profound. No idea that this person could find the universe in a grain of sand and show it to you in a way that makes you see the universe in everything. No idea you are near a real Creator.

No idea you are near Beth Wilmurt.

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