Adapted for the radio & Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan

featuring traditional music

with Additional Lyrics & Arrangement by Daniel Savio

Music Produced by Daniel Savio & Taylor Gonzalez

Music Consulting by Bruce Barthol

Sound Design & Engineering by Taylor Gonzalez

Stage Managed by Karen Runk

Tour Management & Booking by Marissa Ellison

Patrick Byers

Strings & Winds

David Rokeach


Daniel Savio




Mike McShane as Scrooge


Michael Gene Sullivan as Bob Crachit


Velina Brown as Mrs. Crachit, The Boy Caroler, and Scrooge’s Housekeeper


Andre Amarotico as Fred, Ignorance, and Mr. Clybourne


Lisa Hori-Garcia as Belle, Want, Martha, Sarah, Charitable Person 1, and Scrooge’s Cook


Amos Glick as  Fezziwig, Cheritable Person #2, Belle’s Husband, and Joe the Pawn Broker


Jarion Monroe as The Ghost of Jacob Marley


Keiko Shimosato-Carreiro as The Ghost of Christmas Past


Wilma Bonet as The Ghost of Christmas Present,


Milo Carter-Daniels as Tiny Tim