WTF is going on with US/UK?

Neither the United States or the United Kingdom currently have fully functioning governments. Both are mired in quagmires of their own making, and each quagmire is the result of panicked populations dealing with post -Liberal Capitalism.

Rather than investing in sustainable economies both countries, by deregulating capitalist investment and encouraging the monopolization of the industrial base, allowed the wealth of their nations to become concentrated in an upper Capitalist strata, rather than ensuring the wealth of the nation has a balanced distribution amongst the working class – the people who will actually spend it on cars, the grocery store, rent.

Instead both countries allowed hundreds of millionaires and billionaires to come into existence when what their economies needed were millions of Thousandairs.. This led to a lack of Socioeconomic fluidity in both countries has created a permanence of poverty, a stagnation of job creation, and a fear among the working class that they will fall even deeper into debt, perhaps homelessness, and unending despair.. This fear, manipulated by capitalists and millionaire politicians, has been transmuted into an economy-destroying xenophobia on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the United States the workers were set against other members of the working class who happened to have come from south of the border, and in the UK workers were set against other workers who happen to have come from the continent. Rather than blaming the system in both situations the workers were convinced to blame the workers. Now both countries are stuck - in the UK because of Brexit, and in the United States by the spectacle of a blatantly corrupt businessman trying to turn our government into a privately owned, for profit organization.

Neither country is going to be able to get beyond their quagmire’s until they except the idea that the fundamental philosophy of unregulated capitalism is destroying the philosophical foundations of their countries. and any system that relies on fear while delivering misery cannot last.


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