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Shall Rise Again? Fuck.

Since 1865 the states of the former Confederate States of America and their treasonous leadership have lived in the hope that their cause of racial disenfranchisement and economic, if not actual, slavery could be resurrected. They have never given up on that dream, and with a Supreme Court and right wing Libertarians chopping down civil rights to only those who look like they actually wrote the Constitution they are now within striking distance of achieving it.

The Confederacy was never really a country; it was a dysfunctional nightmare of an open-air prison where poor Whites whipped, raped, tortured and murdered enslaved Blacks for the enrichment of wealthy landowners. But those poor Whites and their descendants were and have continued to be hypnotized into believing that the single most important thing they possess is their Whiteness, and that equality or rights given to those not White somehow diminishes its worth.

They have also, after years of being an essential tool of their own and other's oppressor, become convinced that everyone else - especially Blacks - hate them so much that our every free moment is spent scheming on how to exact generations of revenge upon them. This fear of retribution is what drives the war on "wokeness." What is "wokeness?" It is simply the acknowledgement that our society has, because of its history of slavery and racial oppression, an ongoing legacy of injustice based on the idea of race. The fear is that acknowledging that foundational injustice will mean the entire society will collapse around them, and they will be crushed under the righteous boots of every Black person youngest to oldest. They are afraid that Black people would do to them what they would do to anyone else if they themselves had suffered centuries of violence and murder. So they think their constant violence against us is justified as self-defense.

Anyway, the point is not just that we Black folks would have better things to do than go around whipping pale asses with any new-found equality. The point is these melanin-poor nincompoops have been generationally fooled by the same aristocratic soul stains that fooled their great, great grandfathers into dying for the Stars and Bars so the so Massa could continue to rape his "property" and sell his own illegitimate children.

This is the first thing they really need to "wake up" to: that they are and have always been used by those who hate them but just happen to look kinda like them - only much better fed and with better healthcare plans. And bigger houses. They are just meat tools and flesh weapons at the beckon call of those who see them as idiotic scum, and are manipulated by fear to hold down those who have done nothing to them while protecting the privileges of those who would eat their little White children just to experience the thrill.

The Confederacy was a lie, their leadership were traitors, their soldiers were fooled, and their cause was criminal. (I would call it beastial, but beasts don't sell their own children.) It was always about control and profiting from violent oppression, and it still very much is.

And the flesh weapons need to wake up, and turn themselves on their actual oppressors.

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