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Red Carol is coming!

The Mime Troupe's fundraising for a Christmas production of "A Red Carol" at Z Space in San Francisco is chugging along, but we will need your help to get us across the Dickensian finish line!

Why is it so hard to raise money for a worker-oriented version of Christmas Carol? I mean - most theaters just ask the Capitalists for some Dickens dough, and the Big Banks are more than happy to rain some green to look like they ever gave any parts of a fuck about what the story is actually about - as long as the adaptation is far enough away from the social activism Dickens was really talking about...

That ain't this version.

So in addition to our other fundraising efforts I will probably be starting an Indiegogo campaign. In the meantime keep an eye out for our announcements, and if you know anyone who might want to make a big donation to a worthy theatre to produce an adaptation of a classic before year's end, send them my way!

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