May 10, 2019 Today’s person: Amos Glick!

Since far too often we only publicly say nice things about people when they are dead I’ve decided to randomly pick a Facebook friend every day and say something nice about them.

May 10, 2019

Today’s person: Amos Glick!

So one time Amos was applying for a job, and had to pass a drug test. This was years before marijuana was legal, and Amos suspected he might have more then a trace amount in his system. But he really wanted the gig, and after a lot of discussion he took the plunge - which meant going a month without toking. Right before the end of a less giggly month he found out it wasn’t a pee test, it was a hair test. Better shave everything to be safe, which he started to do,! THC shows up in new hair for a while! What to do? Bleach everything, which he did. Safe and blond and... no! Turns out it was a follicle test! Maybe if he plucked everything? Too expensive, as Amos is hairy as a possum. He failed the test, but it turned out they really, really wanted him - despite his now being smooth and blonde - so they gave him more time. And I don’t know if he plucked all his hair in a sweat lodge or what, but he passed the second test and got the gig. Shaved, bleached, and weedless. And hilarious. Because when people are as funny as Amos even what happens to them is farcical.

Amos is a serious artist with an insatiable need to be funny. Like most clowns he sees the tragic in the comedic, the sad insanity in the farcical. I travelled with him, acted with him, directed him, and had the chance to watch him tirelessly work at his craft - even when that craft was trying to break the world record for speed eating a banana. I saw him clown with the Pickles, improv with BATS, warble with the Bastard Brothers, and he was a better singing and dancing Bush than that other clown in the White House.

When he left the Troupe for the glitz, glamour, g-strings, and big bucks of Vegas it really was like a family member was leaving. A strange family member, yes, but one who always seriously threw himself into his work with the same vigor he might seriously throw himself down some stairs if he thought it would get a laugh. He is a writer, singer, actor, poet - but above all he truly is a clown. A wonderful clown. Even when he was blonde. And shaved. And weedless.

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