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Leave your house to an artist

Dear Everyone Who Knows Some Cool, Older, Artist-loving Person Who Owns A Home in San Francisco and Can Forward This to Them:

Let's face it; If housing prices keep going they way they have been eventually actual artists in San Francisco will be replaced with "art-types," people who moved here to experience the creative caldron of The City, but inadvertently contributed to pricing out the very bands, actors, writers, painters, poets, and sculptors they wanted to live amongst. Not their fault, not blaming them. The question is what can we do to help keep San Francisco the lively, creative city we all love? How can we make sure that the artists who inherit our town aren't all working in the virtual world, but are in fact continuing the tradition of creating and re-creating the coolest city in the world?


Will your house to a San Francisco creative artist.

No, seriously.

If you feel in a position where your kids have moved away and now have homes of their own, or if you have no one in particular to leave it to, find a local, deserving artist - someone you feel makes or will make a valuable artistic contribution to The City, and leave your house to them. Heck, if you are rattling around in an empty nest now you could probably ask them to move in now, before they are forced out of the city. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that will ask for "legacy" donations, to be mentioned in a will, or to have homes left to them - which they will then sell. However there is no one looking to house the individual, working artists who have dedicated their lives to making everyone's more interesting, lively, and engaged. Leaving you house to a deserving San Francisco artist can be your way of helping preserve the legacy of creativity in The City for succeeding generations.

No, really. I'm serious.

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