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It was never about fighting tyranny

For decades gun-wielding 2nd Amendment nuts have said they need their guns to protect America from the tyranny you see in this video.

Those same “armed advocates of

freedom” are nowhere to be seen when it comes to actually doing what they insisted was their central reason for being.

When you hear a police officer shout “LIGHT ‘EM UP!” while marching his or her subordinates through a neighborhood, followed by a shot fired at some unarmed person on their own porch, you are not seeing law enforcement. You are seeing violent occupation, you are seeing soldiers masquerading as police, you are seeing cowardly stormtroopers for the State.

And you aren’t seeing any of these open carry advocates protecting anyone’s rights.

Because they were lying.

They were always lying.

They just wanted guns because they were scared that someday the oppressed might seek retribution.

If you ever thought they were interested in freedom or rights or the Constitution you were and are a fool.

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