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Back in rehearsal -

Being back in rehearsal with the Mime Troupe this year has been a bit of a trip. On the one hand I specifically booked no other gigs for the creation or rehearsal of the show. Frequently I'm in a show somewhere else while writing the Mime Troupe show - which is tiring, but exciting, but this time I promised myself I wouldn't. Also this year we are working with three brand new actors - Jamella Cross, Kina Kantor, and Jed Pasario. There are all doing a great, heartfelt, hilarious job. It is a very specific sort of physical comedy the Troupe does, and seeing each of them have a kind of "Ah ha!" moment with the look is cool. Right now I'm going back and forth between directing the show in the daytime and writing it at night, so I'm not exactly sleeping, more periodically passing out. I am perpetually grateful I get to do this for a living,, with the company I want to work with, in the city I want to live in, with the people I want to work with - but I am looking forward to another train trip. Maybe this Fall, after my next gig...

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