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1984 in Kiev! And LA! And touring!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

So my 1984 has finally opened in Kiev! I didn't think that was ever going to happen. They've been working on it for two years, gut it's finally up,, and is sold out for the next two months. It's supposed to run for three years - off and on - but we'll see. I don't think I'll ever see it, but I hope it does well. Apparently I am now represented by the Ukrainian Writer's Guild, which means other companies might pick it up at some point. I the script gets picked up in Russia. There is already a Russian translation, and I know some theaters there have looked at and liked it. Now it's more a matter of who is going to be brave or stupid enough to do it?

Meanwhile the Actor's Gang is producing the show again - for like the tenth time. I know it's because of the election next year, but it's great that they've kept their interest in the adaptation for so long, and that they see it as important enough to revise so often. I just hope Tim hasn't gotten so bored with it that he feels the need to fuck with it somehow. You know how directors are - they can keep searching for that original feeling, and feel the only way to find it is to do something new and different, messing with what worked the first time.

Also the Aquila Theatre out of New York City just started their national tour! They'll be doing the show until April of next year, and taking it all over the country. I did have a bit of a dust up with them, as they made some casting choices that I didn't approve of, but I'm sure it's fine. I don';t know if I'll see their production, either.

It's exciting that there are so many companies doing the show - next year the Alley Theatre in Houston will open their production - but at the same time it feels a little unreal. I'm sitting here, still tired from the Mime Troupe's 60th Anniversary show this past Monday, a week and two days before I start rehearsal for my next show,, and I have a show playing across the country, but... it's not enough. Not because I'm greedy (I don't think) but I feel isolated from 1984. Productions and excitement, but still not in my area. At this point I almost feel like I don't want it here - there's been too much build up. The adaptation can't live up to over a decade of hype.

The recent show I wrote for the San Francisco Mime Troupe, "Treasure Island," has been nominated for Outstanding World Premiere Musical but, as I told a friend, I feel like the Susan Lucci of Bay Area awards - always nominated. But I guess if I had a choice I would choose to work a lot over work less but with lots of recognition. I know it can sound like I'm complaining about things so many actors or directors or playwrights would love to have, but for me its always been very much about what I'm doing during the ever-changing now - and right now I can't see 1984. And if I did... would I only be disappointed?

Maybe if it were published in Russia. Or will I only be happy if, changing the subject/script, fugitive/slave/act gets produced?

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