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Barcelona August 4th, 2013 11:04pm

Today I am going to meet with Alan Warren, who is one of the people who runs Porta de la Historia: "Porta de la Historia is a co-operative initiative of four individuals living in Catalunya who have a fascination in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to 1939 and the social struggles that initiated and followed that conflict in not only Catalunya but also Spain and the World, especially in connection with the International Brigades who supported the Spanish Republic during that time." Part of me would like to do a tour of the battlefields through the countryside, but another part of feels weird about those sorts of things. As a history nerd I want to see where things happened to give me a more concrete idea of the events, but I don't want to trivialize those events by being a tourist. It is easier when it's a site of victory of equality and justice, some great historical spot where freedom won. But when I think of the heroism and courage of the men and women who suffered and died on these battle fields only to have their sacrifice for a better world discarded and distained by victorious fascism, and all but forgotten by generations for whom these brave fighters should be inspiring superheroes - tragic, yes, but more affecting than any Hollywood could create - it makes it hard for me to stroll with my camera around where they fought and died. But on the other hand perhaps it is better to visit these places so that they are more real and not just spots on a map, so what they had to endure can become just a bit more real for me - not that I could in any way imagine what they went through physically or emotionally. But perhaps seeing some of the places they fought will help me better connect with their humanity, not just their super-human bravery.

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