Mar. 8, 2006

The next day we all come in at like 1 or something, and work on tech, and throughlines for the characters. It's clear the main thing the show needs is runthroughs, so that's the plan. And getting the ratcage to look right. Always a problem in life - getting one's ratcage to look right. Today the show looks not as scary, and Tim seems a little more like, "Oh, yesterday was just a rough start of the week." Things are coming together. My thing is trying to make sure that the lines still make sense, and that the characters are still different. this is a tough one, since most of them don't even have names, are dressed alike, and have the same jobs. Subtleties.


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Earlier this week I got a Google alert about “1984.” The show has a couple of productions going on and coming up, and is touring, so I figured it was a press release for one of those. So I didn’t open