Day Three

Got up, decided I had to burn off some energy and calories. I've just been sitting and eating for two days. There's one of those cement LA rivers near the hotel, so I decided to go for a run on the path next to it. I've never run more than a couple of miles before, but it was a beautiful day, strangely clear air, and I ended up running all the way to the beach! It's like six, seven miles! My legs felt like sacks of heavy acid straped to twigs. Took the bus back - which is one of those things you're not supposed to do in LA. Word is any actor seen waiting for a bus is an unemployable loser. But with my acid sacks I had no choice.

Just got back from limping out to visit and have more sushi, this time with my cousin, Harold, in Northridge. Harold and I were little kids in L.A. together. We're very close in age, so we've always had a bit of a rivalry. Of course he's doing quite well running his own business, beautiful house in the suburbs, wife and kids, multiple fancy cars. But our lives are so different now, on such different paths, that there's not really much of a common field for us to compete on. But I do wish I had a nice house to invite him to stay at. Harold has been very generous with his support of this whole project, letting me stay during the workshop of the show, and inviting me, Velina, and Zachary to stay for the opening.


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Earlier this week I got a Google alert about “1984.” The show has a couple of productions going on and coming up, and is touring, so I figured it was a press release for one of those. So I didn’t open