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Day Five

Feb 25, 2006

Got together with Track Burns, an improv artist and actor who's been down here a couple of years, and I talked her ear off about all the stuff going on. It's been a really strange couple of years, what with Zachary being born, all the struggling I've had with the Troupe, and with 1984 working it's way through the system. I wish I hadn't spent the whole time kvetching, or talking about politics, but there ya go. I'm a sucky lunch date.

Oh, turns out everybody went out late last night, and forgot to tell me! They all thought I'd gone to work on the script! Yeesh! I'm trying to be more chummy - kind of a stay at home type. And the one time I think I'll really try to hang out, and people think I don't want to go! And , of course, Sean Penn was at the bar with them. Now, one may think, big deal, you're working with Tim Robbins, and a group of sharp actors! What are you greedy? Good point.

Tonight there was a little extra platform on the stage. Tim wants to set Winston apart a little from the Party Members, but he isn't happy with it. It makes Winston taller than everybody else. When I first plotted out the show I always pictured winston in a kind of pit, but when Tim asks me what I think of the platform, I'm like " Well, that's interesting, it sets him apart." I'm thinking it reminds me of a prisoner in the dock, but I'm also being a weenie. I don't want to seem like I'm tied to my ideas, so I hedged. Yick. I'm not going to do that again. It really isn't me - I'm normally quite annoyingly opinionated. Tim decided to build a pit in the stage.

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