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The Great Khan is:

“Michael Gene Sullivan has certainly entertained the audience with this amazing new play, but The Great Khan is far more than entertainment. It's a view of history and culture and humanity that would be incredibly important at any point in time, but is especially important now, as we continue to struggle to excise the racism that is deep in the bones of American culture.”
Patrick Thomas, Talking’ Broadway


“San Diego Rep’s whip-smart ‘Great Khan’ up-ends racial stereotypes with biting humor.”

 “Funny, fast-paced and crackling comedy.”

Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“In Michael Gene Sullivan’s new comedy about three teenagers, their teacher, a mother and, yes, the Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan, the laughs come quickly … it’s funny, and it deals with a serious social issue.” 
Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner. 
“Michael Gene Sullivan is both playwright and champion of his characters. His scripts don’t merely tell stories, they fight for their characters’ right to be seen and heard beyond first glimpses and knee-jerk assumptions.”
Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

“The Great Khan is a play about race, but that’s not all. This is a play about gender, but that’s not all, either. This is a play about power, victimization, survival, misunderstanding, and that slow fade that happens when no one else recognizes what is happening to us as kids… Yes, at face this is a marvelous piece of theater reminding us we all have childhood negative events and wounds to address. But this work is also a masterpiece demonstrating how those traumatized often seek out unusual ways to cope (to say the least), how that coping is misunderstood, how this can happen in ways that impact individuals, families, entire populations, entire generations.”

“A sleeping giant of a production on every level, this The Great Khan is not only about race, gender, power, inerrancy of history, social justice, and something that happened at school, it IS school…”
Michele Caprario, Splash magazines

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