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Adapted for the stage by Michael Gene Sullivan



Arianna Huffington


"Vivid, unsettling... a masterwork of novelistic concision." 

American Theatre Magazine


"Sullivan does an exemplary job of distilling "1984's" political essence... to communicate the pointed richness of Orwell's thought... The Actors' Gang production "1984" knows how to clear a path for its trenchant, and still sadly undated, critique." 
Los Angeles Times


"Sullivan has resolved the challenges of Orwell’s novel by setting the entire play in one austere space... A dark room - deprived of all technical aspects, and without technological gadgets - but sufficient to recreate the atmosphere of mystery, anxiety, and the fear of the unknown, omnipresent, veiled oppressor." 
L'Apuntador (Barcelona)















"George Orwell's 1948 nightmare about democracy's descent into the hell of Big Brother government, mind control and absurdest cruelty erupts into reality on the REDCAT stage, using Michael Gene Sullivan's brilliantly condensed script to tell in flashbacks the familiar story of illicit love in a terrible future with power, pace, and horror." 
The Hollywood Reporter


"Sullivan's tightly-crafted, condensed script demonstrates an arresting approach to storytelling, whilst throughout retaining both the relebtless clausrtaphobia of the original work and its shattering emotional impact." 
Glasgow Theatre Blog


"(The play) is a harrowing experience, ...Sad as it is to say, (Orwell) would find himself right at home and sick to heart in 2006. Ultimately, that is the point of this production." 
The Daily Breeze



















"Michael Sullivan's adaptation subtly infuses the work with modern political rhetoric and smart dialogue. The play is complex, but very well thought out, and it shines through all of the performances...The real winner here is Orwell himself. His foresight and uncanny ability to predict the future that was a frightening possibility, and to us a shameful quotidian, is deeply resonant." 
Los Angeles Alternative

"Sullivan has done a masterful job of reimagining Orwell’s revered (and vilified) parable and giving it a chillingly crisp plot."

The Mercury News


"There is absolutely no good way to review Jobsite's production of (Michael Gene Sullivan's) 1984, because there's no way to go see it and not be profoundly moved by it. It's simply too close to what could happen, but we're not there. Yet."

Creative Loafing (Tampa, FL.)

"You don't just watch to observe, you become implicated - as if sitting at Orwell's two-way telescreen to watch how long it takes Big Brother to break a man." 
World Socialist Web Site


"Finally, a stage version of 1984 that does justice to Orwell's original novel."


"This is not your father's George Orwell."



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George Orwell's 1984

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By permission of the Estate of the late Sonia Bronwell Orwell.

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