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The Working Class has been brain washed into thinking one of the worst event in human history was the French Revolution. Few have anything good to say about, and corporate news and Hollywood nothing at all. Why? Was it the equality? The end of the autocracy? The overthrown of the oppression of the Church? The redistribution of wealth? The French Revolution was not perfect, but the real reason you’ve only heard negative things about it was because it was the time the rapacious rich were put on trial for their insatiable greed, for putting profit before the starving people. The aristocracy were horrible, horrible people (despite Sofia Coppola’s love of them,) and they saw the common people as disposable tools. And the Great Revolution dealt with them according to their unrepented crimes against the people, crimes of greed that resulted in suffering and death of countless “peasants.” So for over two hundred years every aristocracy, corporate or familial, has beaten into our heads that the French Revolution was this terrible event whose repetition we should all fear. And it was terrible - for them. They fear the Guillotine. They fear that if we, the People, ever collective realize that the single greatest threat to our lives and our children’s lives is this small group of the worst of humanity who oppress us with their avarice and cruelty, that when we realize once again that we don’t actually need them, that we are better off without them, that they are the problem... that we will finally begin to sharpen the Guillotine again.

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