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Earlier this week I got a Google alert about “1984.” The show has a couple of productions going on and coming up, and is touring, so I figured it was a press release for one of those. So I didn’t open it right away.

The next day I opened it.


“Tim Robbins joins Actors’ Gang cast of Michael Gene Sullivan’s stage adaptation of 1984.”


After I picked my face up and put the bones back in my legs I did what every modern person does with info like that. I put it on Facebook. Lotsa likes, lotsa replies. Then one friend asks “Are you going?”

Right. Well, I do have the weekend off before I start rehearsal for my next show...Velina’s show has closed...and I have a Smart Car...

I call the Gang to ask for comps, check to see if our son wants to come (he has plans with his friends, so fine,) and I check to see who wants to put up two non-smoking, non-drinking, but really fun Leftist artists for two nights in LA! I get a yes from Aaron Loeb and Kathy Roberts! Velina and I pack, get in my tiny car, and we are off to LA to see Tim in my show!

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