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FOX News Audience

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

FOX understands its viewership, and gives it what it wants. Amazing, fascinating, intricate conspiracies. The FOX audience is constantly told it is under siege, and that its anxiety and fear is well- founded in a world of secret and open anti- White American agendas. Actually, in a world of real concerns for the working class, FOX’s goal is misdirection. If a Capitalist agenda is the reason you lose your job FOX will assign blame to poor immigrants. If slowing climate change would cost the Capitalists money they talk about deep state scientists and powerful environmentalists conspiring. If their President is clearly financially benefitting from his own policies they push the idea of an international pedophile ring of Liberals. Part of this is simply to distract their viewership from the very real issues that can be almost overwhelming in the challenges they present, and partly it is just to convince desperate foot soldiers to keep fighting for the Bosses who despise them. Intricate conspiracies are easier to digest than the obvious truths: Race is a myth but racism is real and White Americans have and continue to benefit from it. Human-made Climate Change is real and unless we work to slow and reverse it we are damning our children and grandchildren to a very difficult life. Capitalism has failed to deliver a better life for most people and relies on underpaying and abusing workers to financially support the lifestyles and power of wealthy Capitalists, workers of any background have more in common with each other than they have with their Bosses, and fighting for The Rich because you might someday be rich is one those things The Rich have always convinced The Workers to do. The greatest fear of The Rich is that The Workers will see through the distractions, the conspiracy theories, and the race-baiting a realize that their real enemy has been in front of them all along, and that the conspiracy of Capital has always been the one keeping them powerless, and afraid. 

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