Salt Lake City 4

Oct. 18, 2006


So this was a long day. After the reading thing (I forget what it was, but the sponsoring club's germanic name had the unfortunate initials K.K.K. - Kommunity Kulture Klatch, or something like that) Greg just took me out to one last dinner in Salt Lake. I have not bought myself a meal since I got here. He seemed pretty up about the whole thing, and with sales up he hopes the Salt Lake audience will have a whetted appetite for even more challenging stuff next time. Not that I'm being pushy, but I do keep bringing up the Mime Troupe. Not my fault! People keep asking about what else I've written, and I have to be polite... so I pitch "GodFellas" to everyone, hoping , well, if they like a show about Big Brother, they'll love a show about the Separation of Church and State. In Utah. I think even the Millionaire Lesbian would have a problem with that, but I did slip Greg a DVD before i left, so we'll see.

Now I'm getting ready to leave. Wally is picking me up at 4:30 in the bloody morning, so I can make my in SF connection to LA, to Sydney, to Melbourne. I'm just going to stay up all night, so I can sleep most of the way there. This is why people drink on planes, so the trip seems shorter. For them. For everyone else dealing with their drunken ass it's interminable. I'm also trying to book GodFellas around the country while I'm out here on the road, which is crazy, but SFMT doesn't have a booker right now, and much of the company's energy right now is being spent with fighting off the undead, who are assaulting the Troupe. And I am not kidding. Something has crawled out of a too shallow grave, and is trying to claw it's way into the building. Yes, it's a metaphor, but if I put the truth you'd see that an assault by Zombies reflects the truth, and might be preferable.


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