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1984 at the Aurora Theatre!

Well, it's finally happening!

After being produced around the Unites States and the world my 1984 is FINALLY getting produced in my part of the Bay Area.

Itr's been a long wait, and a weird one. The show o to such fanfare in LA when tim Robbins and the Actor's Gang produced the world premiere, and toured it. It should have gone to Broadway then, but clearly I had pissed off a god, as the theatre that was going to produce it in NYC went under after decades of life. If they had lasted a year longer...

Then the Gang took it overseas, then it was published, then it stsrated getting produced all over, then translated. Greece, Australia, Hong Kong, Columbia, Argentina, The Netherlands, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, Italy, I went to Spain to work on the Catalan version, it opened in Kiev...

But still nothing within a BART trip of where I live.

A friend of mine - one of the most produced playwrights in the country - told me that despite the fact that her works was done everywhere she struggled to get any of it produced in ther home town. They just saw he a local, not the bug deal she actually was. Now I know I'm in a particular and different position - I'm Resident Playwright for a well-known theatre - which has meant that I'm had quite a few of my plays produced locally. But because that company produces work of a particular style they can very seldom be re-produced by other companies, and are normally given the honorable but normally disrepsected label "agitprop," which many theatre snobs and classist bastards don't accept as theatre because it strives to inform and whip the masses up to revolution rather than serve as the mind-numbing pablum that is far too often served up to keep the Workers asleep...

But I digress.

The point is Berkeley's critically-acclaimed Aurora Theatre is producing my 1984, which means that audiences in my home town/area will finally be able to see what I'm actually know for on the rest of the planet.

I juyst hope it goes well...

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